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Durag & Bonnet Sleeping Set

Durag & Bonnet Sleeping Set

Giá thông thường $10.00
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $10.00
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  • Made of high grade silk-like fabric
  • Comfortable, breathable and stretchable polyester fibers
  • Designed to build and maintain waves, but can also be used to tie down your hair to keep it nice and neat during the day/night.
  • Silk material helps to prevent frizz and breakage!
  • One size fits most, with complete hair coverage


  • Perfect for those with longer/fuller hair!
  • Silk material helps to help keep hair neat and frizz free
  • One size fits most, with complete hair coverage & anti-slip
  • Designed to maintain hairstyles that you DON'T want to flatten! (eg. curly wash n go's)

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